The UIC College of Engineering has a long history of success in the field of engineering with world-renowned professors conducting ground-breaking innovative research. The College offers degrees in six fields of engineering and over 22,000 students have received a degree from the College and have gone on to become leaders in their industries and top researchers around the world.

In collaboration with the College of Engineering, UAEDP offers a non-degree 9-month undergraduate training program, as well as Master of Science degrees in six Engineering disciplines.

  • First Year: Non-Degree Training Program

This program is designed for students pursuing Engineering-related undergraduate degrees in their home universities. Participants in this program will complete their final (senior) year of undergraduate study at UIC taking courses in related fields. Participants will be awarded UIC credit and issued a transcript. A certificate of completion is presented to each participant following successful completion of the program.

Potential participants are selected by their home university based on their academic performance and professional goals. UIC faculty/staff will interview the students in their home country to evaluate their English language ability and to see if they would be successful in an American classroom.

  • Second Year: Master of Science Programs in Engineering

Working with the UIC College of Engineering, UAEDP offers six Master of Science Degrees in the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Chemical Engineering (ChE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Industrial Engineering (IE) , Civil Engineering (CE) and Bioengineering (BioE). Participants in the programs take classes with regular UIC Engineering students. Courses are taught by UIC Faculty and all degrees are accredited by official U.S. accreditation organizations for those majors.

Students who have successfully completed the first year’s non-degree training program can apply for the Master of Science Program and will be evaluated on their respective admission qualifications. TOEFL/IELTS score is required for admission.

For more information regarding 3+2 Engineering programs, please contact us through WeChat at UIC-Engineering-32.

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