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The Government MBA program consists of a minimum of 54 semester hours of course work, divided into required (core) courses and advanced courses. All students must satisfactorily complete all courses in the program to receive the degree.

Required/Core Courses for the Government MBA Program (24 semester hours of course work) include:

• Accounting 500 – Introduction to Accounting

• Economics 520 – Microeconomics

• Finance 500 – Introduction to Finance

• Information and Decision Sciences 532 – Operations Management

• Management 541 – Organizational Behavior

• Marketing 500 – Introduction to Marketing

Advanced Courses (minimum 30 semester hours) – representative courses include:

• US Governments

• Government Strategic Planning and Case Studies

• General Key Issues in Government Administration

• Social Studies

• Macroeconomics

• Urban Planning and Administration

• Environmental Protection

• Human Resources Development

• Comparative Governments

• Urban Traffic Control

• Public Finance

• Public Investment Project Management

• Online Government

(The University reserves the right to make changes to the above courses without prior notice.)